Survival Horror is being re-branded and re-released by Daverana. Here's a rough sketch of the cover art:


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New website

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So here’s my new website. Whaddaya think? My previous attempts at blogging and keeping a website updated have not been successful (mainly due to me being a bone idle git), but I promise to post something at least once a month here.

Writing news:

I’ve had a shit load of rejections over the last few months for the few shorts I’ve got out there, doing the rounds. This is mainly due to where I’m subbing. Pro and semi-pro magazinesĀ  are hard nuts to crack. It’s depressing, I’ve gotta tell you. Rejection after rejection after rejection. It’s deflates you. Knocks the wind out of your sails. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the stories, but if they keep getting knocked back I’ll have to look ’em over again. The otherĀ  problem I have, I guess, is that I’m subbing to magazines I’ve never read, which is like playing darts in the dark. Who knows, maybe I’ll hit a bulls eye in the coming weeks. Not that I deserve to. Note to self: read the mags you’re subbing to, nitwit!

On a more positive note, the second draft of my novel has reached 57000 words and it’s coming along nicely. At least when it’s finished I won’t have to worry about whether it’s right for a publication. I’ll just bang it out there and it’ll be good enough or it won’t. Simple as that, really.